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What is Customized Sourcing?

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Customized Sourcing is a brand new service on ABC People who need OEM service and don’t find items in our web site can choose Customized Sourcing.
\r\n Sometimes, thousands of different items won't appeal a customer, due to reasons as:
Speed of products update doesn't catch the fashion, so customer can not find latest goods        showing in local markets;
Customer always has the idea how a product should be like, that is OEM;
The product to source doesn't show in any of the category, for example, a huge machine.

How we are available for Customized Sourcing?

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To solve the troubles and inconvenience, Customized Sourcing is to offer more solutions If customer meets problems as above, he/she would be recommended to fill the RFQ form as follow requirements:
Picture, Hopefully, the clearer the better Product
info, As much as customer know, like name, material, usage, etc,.
Special requirements: Like logo printing, color change, certificate, etc,.
Remarks: Anything else, time schedule & sample confirmation, etc,. 


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