Abc Sources: The Ultimate Guide to Import from China

A fully step-by-step guide to make your procurement from China profitable:
  • Reach Out to More Reliable Suppliers. Step-by-step to sourcing supplier, place order and ship your goods
  • Tracking your order. Provide you professional guidance through the whole procurement process
  • Templates & Documents. Let you access to all the templates and documents you need during the procurement.

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In the Book, You Will Discover:

Reach Out to More Reliable Suppliers

With our China Buyer’s Guide, you’ve learned enough information and skills to find and vet reliable suppliers throughout China markets.

Gain Confidence, Avoid Daunting Emotion

Even you are a trade newbie, don’t be daunting. With the China Buyer’s Guide, you’ve kept these basics on your radar. It helps to boost your confidence when you are negotiating with Chinese suppliers.

Keep Away from Frauds

This book tells you what common tricks that frauds mostly used in the trade, and in which way you can detect to avoid economic loses.

Save Your Time, Save Your Money

It gives professional guidance on how to let your work get to the point. Through the China Buyer’s Guide, you’ll easily know how to handle with all hassles, and keep your trade efficient, hence to save your time and money.

About the Author: Gordon Fong

Gordon Fong is the founder of Lance with 10 years experience working on Supply Chain, Procurement and Global Sourcing fields. With high grades completed, Gordon gained the EMBA degree from the University of SJTU(TOP 7 in FT Executive MBA Ranking 2016). He is combining the theory and practice together now, and becomes the main contributor to the Buyer’s Guide, sharing his entire hands-on experience on how to source from China.

What People Are Saying

Miriam Martinez, Startup Owner

“I learned the Buyer’s Guide from my friend’s recommendation. My friend has been doing business with Gordon for several years. Based on mutual trust, I started my own business with the help of this book. I import clothes accessories from Yiwu and resell it in Mexico. As for my first order from Yiwu, Fang’s team really assisted me a lot in sourcing and shipping process.”

Nir Diamant, Sourcing Manager

““I saw Fang in the Canton Fair. It’s hard for me to get much credit from new suppliers. Thus I asked Fang’s team to help me with the warranty on product supply and quality control. They did a really good job. They introduced this Buyer’s Guide to me and I found all tips included out there already. I started to ask them to source products in Yiwu market last year, and so far, it turns out pretty good.”

Mansour Ouajdi, Retailer

“I am a retailer in Tulsa. I have the idea to import auto parts from China for a long time. It’s a risky adventure. I did a lot work. I went over a ton of information online. But finally I stopped by this Buyer’s Guide. I found it really useful. Thus I contacted the author and they helped me out for the first order. I plan to use it for my future reference. ”

Mark Melaugh, Wholesaler

“It’s awesome. I want to thank them so much for helping me walking through the whole sourcing process. I worried the shipment part a lot. So I contacted them, and got familiar with many potential scams on the shipment. The Buyer’s Guide is really something. If I still have any other question, I just email to them. They are really kind. ”